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Providing Melbourne and surrounds with professional land surveying services, as well as planning and land development consultants.

Welcome to Linear Land Surveying Pty Ltd

At Linear Land Surveying Pty Ltd, we’re here to help get your land development project off to a great start. Our qualified staff bring over three decades of experience to ensure you receive professional advice, precise measurements and spatial data on whatever piece of land you want to develop. With offices in Vermont and Taggerty, we’re equipped to service Melbourne and surrounds.

Why is surveying important? 

Before land is developed and roads are built, buildings are constructed and cities are born, land surveying takes place…

Land surveying precedes everything aside from the discovery of land itself. Without knowing exact boundaries, elevations and locations, order and organisation in a city are impossible. Being able to scope, measure and map out the topography of the land is crucial for any type of development, large or small.

Re-establishment, feature and Level Surveys, Site Analysis and Sub-division Planning applications are some of the key services we offer.

Comprehensive surveying services

Whatever it is you have planned, we can help. Our director, Richard Simpson, heads a qualified team consisting of 10 experienced surveyors and planners, as well as our support office staff. Our surveying services include site surveys for green field land sub-divisions, multi-unit apartment subdivisions, GPS surveys, school and park surveys, quarry and volume measurements, surveys for local government, all types of digital terrain surveys, Strata Subdivision conversions and application surveys for complex land issues. Our team will give you specific and necessary information in order to proceed. 

Bringing you over 30 years of experience, Linear Land Surveying can provide you with the professional surveying expertise that your project requires. Call us today to receive a free quote and discuss your site specific requirements.

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